Medical/Dental History Form

We truly want to improve your dental health in the most comfortable and safe way possible. It is extremely important for you to complete your Medical/Dental history form for our office as accurately as possible.

A medical and dental history form allows our dentists to be well-informed about any allergies or health conditions you may have. You may wonder why it is important for dentists to know your medical history and your medications. The reason is, that some medications that you take on a regular basis may impact your course of dental treatment. In the event that you may need a prescription for a dental infection, it is important for the dentist to know your current medications and allergies and medical conditions so that we may avoid any drug interactions and allergic reactions.

Knowing your medications can help your dentist improve your dental health. Certain medications can be the underlying cause of many dental issues, for example, some medications cause dry mouth which in turn not only increases the risk for cavities but can also lead to gum disease. There are also some medications that have negative interactions with certain types of anesthetics, the type of anesthetic you are given before dental surgery may depend on which medications you are on.


Your information is kept confidential

Informing us of any health conditions and allergies can also help us to better understand your oral health. Your medical history is very important to us. Some health conditions like diabetes and some medications like steroids, reduce the effectiveness of your immune system. Poor immunity could be the underlying cause of any oral health issues you may have, and this may be beneficial for the dentist to know. Our dentists never want to put our patients in a position where their health and immunity could be compromised

We appreciate it if you could either download and print your forms and fill them out at your convenience before your appointment or fill out the online form below. If you have any questions about our forms, we would be happy to answer those for you either at your appointment or over the phone. We look forward to meeting you!